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About us

about us


We are palayesh khak royan Company (PKK). We started our activity in the field of chemical fertilizers about 20 years ago. At first, our productions were in the field of patents and production of organic fertilizers, but over time we started producing various iron chelate and humic fertilizers and phosphate fertilizers. In these years, our activities and sales were mostly to meet the needs of Iran.
With years in the field of our production, we were able to get Iranian petrochemical sales representatives in the field of fertilizer sales and also supply the whole country. And after that, we started our significant activity in direct supply of some agricultural products such as Iranian sugar and Brazilian sugar, and we were able to supply sugar to some countries in the Middle East.

With the expansion of the activities of palayesh khak royan Company, we signed exclusive contracts with Iranian refineries to export Iranian bitumen and diesel to the whole world.

Currently, we are an important supplier company in the petrochemical and refinery industry as well as international trade. After years, we have become one of the main suppliers of chemical fertilizers and agricultural and industrial products, cooperating with commercial companies in the supply of petrochemical products in the global market.

We at this company seek to build long-term relationships and contracts with our customers around the world. As an experienced and reliable team, we offer you quality services and products from refineries in Iran and the world, and we meet your needs with an experienced and fast logistics team.

We are proud to be an authentic and reliable supplier in the petrochemical and refining industry and international trade, we are proud to be responsive to your needs and get your complete satisfaction.