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Supply of refinery products



Supplier of petrochemicals

Welcome to Palayesh Khakroyan kimiya (PKK) company! We are an important supplier company in the petrochemical and refinery industry as well as international trade. For many years, we have been cooperating with commercial companies in providing petrochemical products, as one of the main suppliers of chemical fertilizers and agricultural and industrial products in the global market.

In the field of chemical fertilizers, we are mainly suppliers of products such as  iran urea, castile soda and iran dap . These products are manufactured and offered with high quality and international standards to help farmers and artisans improve the performance of their crops.

Also, as an important supplier of agricultural products, we have international activities in the world market. We have the ability to supply brazil sugar and sales sugar iran, which have high quality and unique nutritional properties. These products are manufactured and distributed in compliance with industrial standards and regulations in order to meet the needs of our customers well.

Supply of refinery products

In addition to chemical fertilizers, we are also known as one of the main suppliers of refinery products. We are able to provide high quality Gasoil and oil derivatives. Gasoil has many users in land and sea transportation industries, as well as fuel for diesel engines in industrial plants.

We are also a supplier of bitumen at a competitive price. This product is widely used in building insulation and road asphalt production all over the world. Our products can be supplied by an experienced team and from reliable sources based on international laws, to meet your needs in the best possible way.

In this company, we seek to build long-term relationships and contracts with our customers around the world. As an experienced and reliable team, we offer you high-quality services and products from refineries in Iran and the world, and meet your needs with an experienced and high-speed logistics team.

If you are looking to supply chemical fertilizers, refinery products or quality agricultural products, we are ready to cooperate with you. Please contact us or visit the related pages in our website store to get more information about our products and services.
Proud to be a reputable and reliable supplier in the petrochemical and refining industry and international trade, we are proud to serve your needs and are committed to your complete satisfaction


Protecting the environment

Our company, with deep pride and commitment, has a great activity in preserving the environment. By providing innovative and sustainable solutions, we reach environmental goals and help create positive change in society and the world. From using advanced technologies to improving resource efficiency and reducing environmental emissions, our focus is always on preserving and supporting our common habitat, planet Earth.

Maintenance with plants

Our company proudly plants thousands of trees every year in order to protect nature and prevent deforestation. These efforts are done as part of our commitment to protect the environment and preserve biodiversity. By planting thousands of trees, we help retain carbon in the soil and absorb carbon dioxide from the air. These actions of ours help to create natural ecosystems, conserve soil and water, and create a healthy and sustainable environment.

Many benefits

Our company is proudly trying to send fertilizers and chemicals without heavy elements and harmful elements to the world market. This focus on products without heavy and destructive elements shows that we pay special attention to the preservation of the environment and the public health of the bad consequences of these elements.Heavy elements, in case of incorrect use or lack of correct regulations for their disposal, can cause serious damage to the environment and the health of humans and animals.

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