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Urea Granular and Urea prilled fertilizer is the most common nitrogen fertilizer in the world. we’re urea suppliers in iran. White and crystalline fertilizer containing 46% nitrogen, which is a higher percentage than other nitrogen fertilizers on the market, it is now widely used in the agricultural industry as a fertilizer to increase the production of plants and crops

Specifications of urea

Formula: urea (NH2-CO-NH2)

Melting point: 133 °C

Molar mass: 60.06 g/mol


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Urea price FOB Iran

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Urea Granular and Urea prilled fertilizer is the most common nitrogen fertilizer in the world. we’re urea suppliers in iran. White and crystalline fertilizer containing 46% nitrogen, which is a higher percentage than other nitrogen fertilizers on the market, it is now widely used in the agricultural industry as a fertilizer to increase the production of plants and crops

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The urea fertilizer chart is updated daily.Industrial agriculture considers urea fertilizer as the best yield. The past decade has seen urea as a great alternative to ammonium nitrate, leaving it with better new production records. Here, as the most widely used fertilizer, the benefits and functions of this fertilizer in agriculture have been successfully tested

Urea Granular FOB US Gulf USD per ST

urea price fob iran 31 may 2023

24 Month HighVarianceThis week (ton)
$911.06(08.12 $)334.78 $

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Urea Granular and prilled urea iran prices

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buy iran urea price is cheaper than other countries.Widespread use in agriculture: With the expansion of the chemical fertilizer production process after urea is discovered and made, the cost of urea production has been relatively low since the carbon dioxide needed to produce urea from crude oil. In recent years, urea can be used as a solid or soluble in the soil or in special products as a leaf spray in measured quantities and through precise methodology. In the not-too-distant future, urea fertilizer will be effective for all crops, and yields will increase fourfold. Due to its nutrient content of 46% nitrogen, this fertilizer can increase soil productivity and enrich its constituent nutrients by providing elements related to each plant that are needed to sustain plant life

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buy urea from iran & dap fertilizer It is a good way to supply fertilizer to your country.Plants absorb nitrogen in mineral form from the soil, both ammonium and nitrate before converting it to plant nitrogen protein. Nitrate is considered the main source because it is mobile in the soil. When first used in soil urea dissolves in soil solution and is converted to ammonium and then to nitrate

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Production of Iranian petrochemical urea is done with advanced technology.The time required for urea to be converted to ammonium depends on temperature and humidity conditions. Often, this reaction will occur 24 hours after use and will be complete within 2 to 5 days. Of course, this reaction is much slower in cold and water-saturated conditions. Urea has longer access to uptake by plants and release rates that are more closely related to plant growth

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The complexity of urea fertilizer production is the reason for the high price of this fertilizer.Urea fertilizer releases some environmental pollutants after incorporation by plants because urea only produces carbon dioxide in the soil through the interaction of nitrate bacteria. This carbon dioxide does not harm the soil. Urea is easily dissolved and converted to ammonium carbonate (alkaline) and then to nitrate. Compared to ammonium nitrogen which can be stored in clay and organic particles and compared to nitrate which moves freely and can be detached quickly and moves to the area of the swollen area, urea offers the best benefits

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The price of urea per tonne in previous years was $ 204 at its lowest rate. Which reached $ 911 in 2021. In agriculture, many corn stalks and other crop residues are often used to feed their lactating cows during the dry season. Some farmers often soak their fodder in water while trying to soften it. In fact, the best solution is to use urea fertilizer to soften them. When feeding cows, adding urea will make it easier for them to chew and digest the food. But it should be noted that combining too much urea with food can cause sudden death. For an average cow weighing 500 kg, 290 g of digestible crude protein is recommended. 30% of 290 g = 87g. This quantity will change if you look at the supplement to the nutrient content of the feed

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Urea fertilizer is sale everywhere, but its consumption is not without its drawbacks, the first and most important disadvantage of nitrogen is its excessive waste. The form of urea nitrogen is in the form of NO3 nitrate and nitrate with a negative charge cannot be strongly bonded with soil ions because soil ions are negative, due to this, it is unstable and can be easily washed away by irrigation and rainfall and is out of reach of plant roots and therefore causes nitrate pollution of groundwater, urea is converted to ammonia after decomposition

International Urea Supplier

We are the supplier of this fertilizer, but we recommend low use of this fertilizer in agriculture. The performance of this fertilizer in the soil is different.In summer heat and due to sunlight, ammonia evaporates from the soil surface and is out of reach of plants. All these factors cause nitrate to have a small effect and its application rate is higher than the standard (40 to 300 kg per hectare).This issue causes farmers and gardeners to prepare urea fertilizer several times, which naturally increases production costs

Urea Fertilizer Prices Iran

Buy the price of Iranian urea fertilizer from us directly. Consider precautions when using this fertilizer. Applying urea fertilizer N46% at the peak of the summer season in summer is incorrect and even harmful

Urea in Iran

The best alternative to Iranian urea fertilizer is ammonium sulfate fertilizer for agriculture

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Urea price fob persian gulf or iranian urea price in the world is very low and suitable compared to the world stock exchange

List of Urea Fertilizer companies in iran

List of Urea Fertilizer companies in iran is limited. As urea in persian fertilizer contains 46% nitrogen, a very stable element, it can be easily stored, transported and used through other forms of nitrogen. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular among farmers. This fertilizer has little or no effect on the risk of fire. Although urea has such benefits, some precautions must be taken. During storage, make sure that it is never stored in the presence of ammonium nitrate. It is also best to keep it away from corn kernels and not in direct contact with your hands

urea 46 iran

sell Urea fertilizer 46% from IRAN, It is done on this site without intermediaries by sea and road

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iran urea manufacturers in iran price It is defined based on the world market, but slightly lower than the world price, which is why Iranian urea fertilizer has attracted a lot of attention from traders. urea producers in iran are very active.The price of urea 46 in Iran today is $ 558, but the global price of this product around the world is about $ 50 higher than this rate

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