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Specifications of iran dap (diammonium phosphate fertilizer for export)

diammonium phosphate formula

Brand name:                               DAP Fertilizer

Amount of P2O5 (%):                 45.5-46.2%

Amount of nitrogen (%)              17.5-18.0%

Grading:                                      Granule 90% 1-4 mm

Chemical formula:                      (2HPO4) (NH4)

Ingredients:                          phosphoric acid, ammonia


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dap phosphate fertilizer is the second most used fertilizer in the world. This fertilizer has many uses in industry and agriculture. We are the largest diammonium phosphate supplier in iran

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?What is dap fertilizer

You may ask yourself what is diammonium phosphate fertilizer? This fertilizer is one of the fertilizers containing nitrogen and phosphorus. This fertilizer is usually used in areas where the soil is deficient in nitrogen and phosphorus. Ammonium phosphate is made by inorganic salts that are produced by the reaction between phosphoric acid and ammonia, which is made in liquid or powder and granular form

iran dap fertilizer is produced from the reaction of ammonia (a family of salts) with phosphoric acid. Phosphorus P is the second most important element of the three main elements (NPK) in soil and is one of the most important nutrients for plant growth and fertility

dap fertilizer price in iran

We can supply dap fertilizer 50 kg price in Iran below the world price

diammonium phosphate dap chart

.We update dap fertilizer chart prices daily. The prices are approximate delivery FOB port of Iran

DAP fob price iran 31 may 2023

12 Month High Variance This week (ton)
$1015.10 (08.66 $) 542.35 $

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Sale of diammonium fertilizer without intermediaries

diammonium phosphate dap chart

diammonium phosphate uses

Ammonium phosphate is often produced and marketed in two different types with the titles of monoammonium phosphate or diammonium In general, a large part of the production consists of diammonium in granular and powder form (monoammonium phosphate), which is mostly available to farmers as granules (coarse grains) Most of the produced ammonium phosphate is used as fertilizer and in the agricultural industry, and the rest is used in other industries

Benefits of diammonium phosphate fertilizer in agriculture

The act of metabolism in plants indirectly on the increase of products –

More absorption of microelements by plant roots –

The speed of production of sexual organs –

Increasing the speed during the rapid maturation of the product –

Creating the structure of pollen production, in the formation of seeds and flowers –

Increased flowering –

Uses of dap in industry

In tree fires, it can be used to control the fire and plant growth after it –

It is used as cattle feed –

In the yeast production process, adding this product increases the amount of nitrogen in the yeast and accelerates the production –

It is used as an insulation against fire in the raw materials of buildings –

  and for the production of fibers and fabrics and carpets, carpentry, wooden structures, and paper products –

The price of diammonium phosphate for export today –

The price of diammonium phosphate for export in the world exchange will be updated daily on the page –

Diammonium phosphate can be used in wine fermentation stages –

Dia mmonium phosphate is used in the production of alcohol –

dap fertilizer in the hands of the farmer

     Dap fertilizer in the hands of the farmer

dap fertilizer analysis

Ammonium phosphate contains 46% phosphorus and 18% nitrogen.The type of diammonium nitrogen is different from Iran urea nitrogen. Ammonium phosphate has an alkaline reaction and the result of its effect is soil acidity

Ammonium phosphate fertilizer has a high concentration and contains triple super phosphate fertilizer and as it can also be found in it as ammonium sulfate nitrogen High degree of fertilizer, high solubility in water and grain shape of this fertilizer are the main advantages of this fertilizer

dap manufacturers in iran

In Iran, few manufacturers produce this fertilizer .One of the most important differences between monoammonium phosphate and this fertilizer is its acidity or pH, the amount of monoammonium phosphate is about 3.5 and its phosphate is 8%

Phosphate of pesian Company and the nutrient content of this fertilizer caused which has the most demand for fertilizer and diammonium of iranian Company has always been attractive for export

dap 18-46-0 specification

This fertilizer is considered as a high quality fertilizer due to its high level of nutrients and low tendency to absorb moisture. In the major part of the market, ammonium phosphate is used as a chemical fertilizer. As mentioned above,dap fertilizer formula is (DAP 18-46-0) and (MAP 11-51-0), which indicates an excellent fertilizer grade (above 60%) for these fertilizers. However, due to the high quality of fertilizer, the transportation costs of ammonium phosphate are low, but the proportion of nutrients in this fertilizer is very uneven, and due to the need of most plants for other elements, it is not recommended to use this fertilizer alone. It is necessary to supply the content of nutrients by increasing nitrogen and potassium

razi petrochemical company

We are the direct supplier of Razi petrochemical fertilizer in Iran .iran dap is usually used as granules, but some of them are also produced in crystalline or liquid form. These compounds are used for the production of solid fertilizers either with current mixing methods or as mass mixtures for the production of liquid fertilizers and sewage fertilizers. iran dap are also applied directly to the soil. When phosphate is given at the time of planting, care should be taken to provide a suitable place for the seed, especially when the soil is alkaline

because under these conditions the sprouts may be damaged by ammonia. According to research, the direct use of monoammonium phosphate fertilizers has a destructive effect on the longitudinal growth of plant roots and their growth

Phosphate fertilizers are available in different production titles and in the market, fertilizers such as simple superphosphate fertilizer, triple superphosphate fertilizer, the most important differences between di-ammonium and monoammonium phosphate fertilizers are its acid strength (PH), which is the amount for this fertilizer and for monoammonium phosphate, it is about 3.5

The low pH of monoammonium phosphate compared to dap fertilizer has the potential to prevent the formation of primary ammonia poison and reduce damage to seeds and sprouts. To overcome this problem, more control should be done on the amount of use of this fertilizer

The effect of diammonium phosphate fertilizer

Increasing the root, accelerating the growth of stem and leaves, early production (quick ripening of fruits –

The important role of phosphorus is the energy transfer of plants and it is considered as nutrients for plant growth and development –

It causes flowers to persist on trees and it produces flowers and seeds –

dap fertilizer uses

How to use this fertilizer for fruit trees is in the form of the fertilizer pit method –

Due to the lack of phosphorus in the soil, the fertilizer should be placed at a depth of 2 to 5 cm under the root seed –

to 300 kg per hectare should be used by deep plowing 200 –

how to use dap fertilizer

Note: Considering the stability of phosphorus in the soil and its lack of mobility, the fertilizer should be placed at a depth of 5-5 to 2 cm under the seed. Considering the increase in yield, it leads to savings in fertilizer consumption. After determining the exact amount of this fertilizer, it is necessary to pay attention to the results of soil and water analysis in this field

Time to use diammonium phosphate fertilizer

DAP fertilizer can be used at any time or in any season. It can be combined with the soil in any part of plant growth such as budding, flowering and fruiting Due to the presence of nitrogen in iran dap, the fertility increases in the process of photosynthesis in the plant, and as a result, the leaves of the trees turn green and the productivity increases and with the useful life in the earth, it is gradually absorbed, it increases the activity of bacteria in the ground, the amount of phosphorus in this fertilizer creates resistance to acidic soil pH in stable conditions, and increases the plant’s resistance to frost and it increases the product

dap price today and buy from rpc iran

Razi diammonium phosphate price in petrochemicals (domestic consumption)

The prices of Dap Razi fertilizer for domestic use are available in the market in both free and government forms, and the free price in rpc iran is naturally higher than the government price

The price of granular diammonium phosphate fertilizer

DAP pricing 2023 in iran

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