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We are proud to announce that we are the cheapest place to buy wholesale sugar in Iran. With years of experience in the industry and direct relationships with sugar producers and suppliers, we have been able to offer our customers very competitive prices and favorable conditions

Product name:  sugar Icumsa

Packaging: big bag 50 kg – 1000 kg

Payment terms: Negotiable

Delivery terms: FOB ports

Minimum order: 1000 – 1000000 mt

Manufacturer: iran

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iran sugar sales

Palayesh-Khak-Royan Company is one of the most active suppliers of Iranian sugar and brazil sugar in the world, we have active offices in Dubai, Turkey and Iran, and sign business contracts with us safely. The most important key factor that differentiates us from our competitors is the high volume of orders. By focusing on high volume sales, we have been able to minimize purchasing costs and pass these discounts on to our dear customers. With this approach, customers can significantly save on their purchase costs

Before requesting a price quote, it is necessary to send your LOI to the following addresses: P


Whatsapp: +98 9130223291

Also, establishing long-term business relationships with sugar producers is one of our other advantages. These close and stable relationships allow us to buy directly from manufacturers and avoid middlemen and additional costs. This not only helps us to offer competitive prices, but also enables us to provide our customers with sugar products of the required quality and standards

iran sugar price chart

international sugar price 1kg 19 Aug 2023

12 Month High Variance This week (Kg)
¢ 54.58 (1.12 $) 40.0 Cent

sugar price in world per kg

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irani sugar Supply persian sugar

international sugar price 1kg

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The price of buying sugar per kilo is agreed upon (according to supply and demand) and is done in global stock exchanges. The prices are determined in the sales chart depending on factors such as the amount of production, demand, exchange rate, weather conditions, oil price. And… it is different. Of course, the price of sugar in each country is regulated based on the domestic policies of that country. For this reason, it is better to check the domestic markets of your country first

sugar price by country

Sugar prices vary in different countries based on various factors and may change. But here is a list of the average price of sugar in different countries in the table

$0.50-$0.60 per kilogram China $0.120-$0.140 per kilogram United States
$ 1,20 – $ 1,30 per kilogram Australi $0.35-$0.40 per kilogram Brazil
$ 1,00 – $ 1,10 per kilogram German $0.25-$0.30 per kilogram India




sales sugar iran production

Iran is one of the seven countries in the world that, in terms of climate diversity and latitude, has the conditions to produce sugar from both sugar beet and sugar cane products; However, contrary to global statistics, the share of sugar production based on sugar beet is higher than that of sugar cane, and about 60% of the sugar produced in Iran comes from beet processing

sugar iran production factory deal

iran sugar factory

A total of 25 beet sugar factories and 9 cane sugar factories have been established in Iran. Most of the country’s sugar production takes place in spring. Out of a total of 8 million beets entering the sugar factories, more than 7 million equivalent to 90% are related to spring cultivation and the rest are related to autumn cultivation

The country’s annual need for sugar consumption is about 2.5 to 2.5 million tons, and the annual production amount is about 1.6 million tons. Considering that the production capacity of spring sugar based on beet sugar is one million tons and the production capacity of sugar based on sugar cane is between 0.9 and 1 million tons

iran sugar deal

However, the demand for sugar in developing countries continues to grow rapidly, primarily due to rising incomes, urbanization, and growing populations; Of course, it should be considered that despite this there are differences between countries

Per capita consumption of sugar in the urban areas of African and Asian countries was low in the past and their growth prospects are higher than in other regions. In the world trade of sugar, Brazil is the largest exporter and China is the first importer of sugar. We can offer you the best price for sugar

where to buy sugar in bulk

We can send your request to buy sugar at a wholesale and competitive price to the port of your country. After the textile industry, sugar is the second oldest industry in Iran. The sugar and sugar industry, due to its strategic nature and cheap source of energy supply compared to other food items, has always received the attention and support of the government

cheapest place to buy sugar in bulk

We claim to be the cheapest place to buy sugar in bulk Because attention to high productivity and optimization of production processes play an important role in the supply of sugar. Utilizing advanced technologies and optimized processes, we have been able to minimize production costs by providing precise suggestions to the manufacturer and pass this advantage on to our customers

buy sugar in iran Sugarcane

buy sugar in iran

To buy sugar in Iran, we are your best choice. Because we guarantee that our dear customers will benefit the most in buying sugar in bulk from us. Focusing on providing reasonable prices, superior

quality and professional services, we are ready to cooperate with you as the cheapest place to buy sugar in bulk in Iran

Sugarcane cultivation in Iran

In different countries, the type of machine planting is different. For example, in some countries, they use tools that are pulled by wheeled tractors and have a tank for cuttings and urea fertilizer. They turn it over and cover the cuttings. In Iran, a device called Planter is used, which mechanically places cuttings 20 cm long into the soil

iranian sugar

One of the industries that Iran is known for is the sugar industry, and sugar production has been one of the most important agricultural activities in this country. Iran has been one of the significant producers of sugar since the past years, although its production levels have been lower than other major producing countries over the years

The iranian sugar industry in Iran mainly relies on sugar beet cultivation. Sugar beet is cultivated in different regions of the country, including the northern and western provinces. The largest sugar beet processing factories are located in the northern provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran, Khuzestan and Qazvin

iran sugar import

Iran’s sugar import has been fluctuating for many years depending on factors such as domestic production level, consumption pattern and government policies. Iran imports sugar from various countries including Brazil, India, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. If Iran is one of the major exporters of sugar in the world. This import is done due to the completion of product variety in Iran

In order to support the domestic petrochemical industry and promote self-sufficiency in sugar production, the Iranian government has imposed regulations and tariffs on sugar imports. These measures are carried out with the aim of balancing domestic production and imports to meet the country’s sugar needs

sales sugar iran for Afghanistan

We can export Iranian sugar to Afghanistan. Afghanistan is one of the oldest countries in the Middle East, which has been one of the most important commercial crossings due to its location on the Silk Road. Because of this issue, Afghan businessmen are invited to contact us

sugar price in russia

Due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, the price of sugar in Russia has grown a lot. We can meet the needs of this country in order to supply sugar reserves

iran sugar in us

We can export sugar to America without any problems, American businessmen are invited to cooperate

sugar price in pakistan

We can fully supply Pakistan’s sugar, unfortunately, it is not possible to import sugar from India for this country due to political problems. We invite the businessmen of the neighboring country of Pakistan to come to our country and visit our sugar warehouses, and the possibility of business contracts will be provided to them easily

If you need to import iranian sugar to your desired country, please contact us by sending an LOI to these addresses: G


Whatsapp: +98 9130223291


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